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From on-boarding to off-boarding.


Grow your team with efficiency and confidence. Understand how your company is growing and never let anything fall through the cracks.

Advanced Task Tracking

Use predefined task lists to efficiently organize your on-boarding, off-boarding and review process. Assign ownership and due dates so that nothing falls through the cracks. Keep everyone on the same page by knowing instantly where things stand.

Streamlined Employee Records

Clean, customizable and secure. Parklet puts your employee data at your fingertips. Store everything from documentation and employment history to food allergies and equipment assignments in one, easy to access place.

Between reminding new employees of upcoming to-dos and coordinating with the rest of the team, while making sure I didn’t forget any of my own tasks, on-boarding new hires used to be a huge pain point. Parklet is my personal on-boarding assistant, and I can’t imagine going back to the dark days before it managed our smart checklists and saved our brains.

Automatic Personalized Experience

Automatically create a personal and up-to-date experience for each new hire. Seamlessly prepare them for their first day while introducing them to the company and team.

Growth Insights

Parklet’s reporting suite lets you focus on your coworkers, not building spreadsheets. Discover trends in retention, productivity and organization structure. Make compliance reporting automatic.

Process Analytics

Understand and improve your process with detailed statistics and reporting.

New hires love using Parklet. In fact, it is a top contender for things they’ve enjoyed most throughout their onboarding experience.

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