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Your team is diverse. Embrace it.


Telling your company story and keeping everyone on the same page has never been easier. Get to know the teams and people that will write the next chapter.


Keep a line on the company Pulse. Whether it’s learning about your coworkers’ passions, digging up a hidden gem in your company’s history, or making your mentor’s anniversary special, on Parklet it is only a click away.

Employee Directory

Personalized coworker pages that pull in content from across the web make learning about your coworkers easy. Get to know your coworkers by team, location and role. Understand how you all come together to form a company.

Culture is huge at TaskRabbit. Parklet allows our new hires to jump right in, understand our history, values and get to know the team. It saves me time and helps empower our employees to make connections and collaborate with their teammates. It's been an awesome addition to our process.

Employee Feedback and Props

Acknowledge your coworkers and stay up to date on the latest news from fellow employees. Parklet makes it dead simple to recognize a job well done and feel like you're on the same page with your team.

Values and Community

Maintain your company values and engender a sense of community in your workforce. Parklet is your one stop shop for storing everything from your company's most treasured moments to company policies to your organization’s mission statement.

Company History

Parklet gives you a beautiful, living history of your company. See how it all got started, relive making that first sale and document moving into the new office. All of your employees can experience the path that brought you here.

We were looking for a way to streamline our on-boarding process and found the help we needed in Parklet. Not only can we make sure all on-boarding tasks are assigned and completed, we also have a fun and interactive company directory that provides new and current employees a snapshot of Kik's history and values as well as an opportunity to learn more about other team members

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